On Friday morning, Matt Forte shared on Instagram that Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Pace informed him "they will not be attempting to re-sign me in free agency":

The Bears didn't wait long to issue a statement on the news:
None of this should come as a surprise to anyone that has been following the Bears closely over the last year+.
Running backs at the 30+ age are always a risky investment, and an even more questionable investment for a franchise in the position the Bears currently are: rebuilding and with needs all over the place, particularly on the defensive side of the ball.

This isn't to say that Forte isn't still very good and wouldn't possibly make the 2016 Bears a better team; he probably would. But, the moves Pace and the Bears make that will require substantial dollars -- let's say over 3 million/year -- should be made with long-term thinking in mind.
It also helps make the decision easier after seeing some very impressive things out of fourth-round pick Jeremy Langford in his rookie season, as well as second-year back Ka'Deem Carey. The Bears were still able to run their offense as they'd like to, and Langford showed the upside to be a very good all-around back. Langford should enter training camp as the starter and the Bears likely feel they're still in good hands with him.

So, that's all why the Bears made the right decision in deciding to let Forte walk, as sad as it is for fans. Also, Pace handled this difficult situation the right way:

But this story shouldn't be as much about the Bears letting Forte go -- as again, the writing has been on the wall for a while now -- as it should be recognizing the tremendous career he had as a Chicago Bear. As Pace correctly said in the statement, Forte is an "all-time great" Bear.

I think you could make a great case that Forte ranks second of Bears greats after the 80s, behind only Brian Urlacher. Forte and Charles Tillman would be coin flips, followed by Lance Briggs and Devin Hester. Regardless, he's up there, and has had an amazing career.

Where could we expect Forte to land in free agency? He's apparently targeting a team that has a good quarterback:

The New England Patriots are the team everyone has naturally connected the dots to, and they'd certainly qualify as a team with a good quarterback in Tom Brady.

Whatever the case, we wish the best of luck to Forte, and if isn't the Chicago Bears winning a Super Bowl, we'll be rooting for his new team to do so (provided it isn't the Packers, of course).

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