By now, you're likely aware of the three-year, $30 million contract extension signed by Brandon Marshall on Monday, which will keep the star 30-year-old wide receiver in a Chicago Bears uniform through 2018. The contract includes $23 million guaranteed.

Well, Marshall actually first (surprisingly) announced and signed the deal live on The View on Monday afternoon, and also announced he was making a $1 million pledge to the mental health community.

Check it out (I recommend the whole video but skip to the 4:15 mark if you just want to see the contract announcement):

Awesome stuff from No. 15.

As for my reaction to the contract, it's 12:45 AM here in Colorado and frankly I'm too tired to do a big write-up on it right now, so I'll just share my tweets from earlier on the topic:

To summarize: It was an absolute no-brainer of a deal for Bears general manager Phil Emery to make happen. It was never really a matter of -if- Marshall would sign a contract extension, but -when-. Both sides had every reason to make it happen and Marshall made it clear in the last few months that a deal would likely get done before he had a chance to reach free agency. But, it's definitely nice to finally get that out of the way, and nice to know that the key pieces to the Bears' explosive offense will be around for a while.

We'll have more reaction to Marshall's contract in a link dump later on in the day.

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