Charles Tillman has spent all 11 years of his decorated NFL career as a Chicago Bear, but the cornerback is an impending free agent, and speculation has been that he'll be playing elsewhere in 2014.

But, 'Peanut' made it clear on 670 The Score's The Laurence Holmes Show that he wants to be back with the Bears, that there is no bad blood between the two sides... and guaranteed that he will retire as a Bear:

“The Bears and I are in good spirits There’s no bad blood, there’s nothing. We are in good spirits. There’s no bad blood with myself or Coach Trestman. Like, everything is good. We’re are all on good terms.”
”In a perfect world, I will finish as a Bear. I guarantee you I will retire as a Chicago Bear. I guarantee that.”

Keep in mind that "retiring as a Chicago Bear" does not necessarily mean Peanut would ever even play another game for the Bears. In August 2012, we saw defensive end Alex Brown sign a one-day contract with the Bears, just so he could retire as a Bear.

Whatever the case, it's pretty damn cool that Tillman intends to retire as a Bear one way or another.

It's also nice to hear that there is no bad blood between Tillman and the Bears, after the Bears have apparently not offered him a contract yet (or at least not one to his liking so far). The Bears and linebacker Brian Urlacher of course had an awkward falling out when the two sides couldn't agree to a deal last offseason, so it would be nice to make sure that doesn't happen again with the Bears and a longtime star (and fan favorite) of the team in Tillman.

I'm in the camp of trying to keep Peanut around for the 2014 season,  but at a team-friendly price. And again, you want to make sure to not insult him, or you may end up with another Urlacher-esque uncomfortable relationship. But, it sure sounds like that won't happen between Peanut and the Bears judging by his comments.

Even if the Bears make Peanut an offer, odds are that he'll be offered more money by another team(s) on the open market. Perhaps the Lovie Smith-led Tampa Bay Buccaneers, for example.

Would Peanut take a bit less money to stay with the Bears? It would sure seem possible after he's guaranteeing he will retire as a Bear, right?

It will be interesting to see how Phil Emery and the Bears handle this situation, and it's possible the situation has already been handled as far as we know. But at least we know that Charles Tillman intends to exit his tremendous NFL career as a Chicago Bear.

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