I've never seen ABC's television series Happy Endings, and really can't believe there's a show titled that on network television. No complaints, just sayin'.

But Bears star linebacker Lance Briggs made an appearance on Sunday night's episode (see his appearance in the video above) that had a kickball focus.

Check it out:

As you could see, he didn't say much, but this was part of it:

“That’s the name on my state I.D. I don’t drive. It’s too dangerous.”

As The Big Lead's Stephen Douglas astutely points out, "Happy Endings is always spot on with their sports references and this one was no different. Briggs crashed his Lamborghini back in 2007, left it on the highway and reported it stolen."

So, good for Lance that he can poke fun at that (if that's indeed the reason for the line), and not a bad acting job either. While we may not see much more acting from 32-year-old linebacker, I think he'd make a terrific NFL television analyst when he retires. Hopefully that won't be for a while, though, as he's still playing as well as ever for the Bears.

UPDATE: For some reason the embed code I found of the clip is only resulting in the full episode on here. So go over to The Big Lead if you just want to see Lance's appearance.

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