On Thursday at Halas Hall, the Chicago Bears introduced Marc Trestman as the franchise's 14th head coach. Additionally, it was reported on Thursday that his contract with the Bears is for four years.

Below are some of the main things (that I noticed, at least) to take away from the press conference, in which general manager Phil Emery and Trestman spoke to the media.

Phil Emery
  • Emery interviewed five special teams coordinators for the job. We were only aware of four, so there's some candidate we weren't aware about. And that means there were at least 14 overall coaching candidates interviewed.
  • "We also reached out to people we did not interview, and had people reach out to us."
  • On the Bears' coaching job: "It's a gem. It's a prize."
  • Confirms the three finalists were Bruce Arians, Darrell Bevell, and of course, Marc Trestman.
  • Bevell was eliminated at the end because he didn't have head coaching experience. It came down to Arians and Trestman.
  • "Excellence" is the key word Emery is using to describe Trestman, especially when it comes to coaching quarterbacks and running an offense.
  • "Do not underestimate Marc Trestman as a competitor."
  • "Marc has a quietness to him, a quiet confidence, a high level of intellect. Those are attractive qualities."
  • "Marc shared to me his favorite quote. 'What I do for myself is buried with me. What I do for others lives forever.'"
  • On Trestman: "He is a champion."

Marc Trestman
  • "In Chicago, they love the Bears, but it's beyond passion. It really is."
  • "The Bears are the most loved and storied franchise in the NFL."
  • "I'm filled with an incredible amount and sense of humility today."
  • "I feel the passion. I feel the sense of urgency. I feel a commitment to win."
  • "We've got to put together a staff of high character. Men who are experts in the science of football."
  • "We've gotta play tough, physical football. Disciplined football."
  • "The quarterback absolutely must play at an efficient level."
  • "I'm going to be responsible for keeping Jay and our quarterbacks safe in the pocket."
  • "We're going to dominate the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball."
  • "On defense, it starts with the quarterback. Gotta hurry him and knock him down."
  • "We've gotta create turnovers." Talked about how it's what this team does best and has for a number of years. 
  • Talks about pride and passion on special teams. Definitely makes sense why the fiery Joe DeCamillis was hired, then.
  • "On the offensive side, it starts and ends with the quarterback. We've gotta protect him and keep him safe."
  • "We've gotta be tough and physical with our mindset, whether it's run or pass."
  • "I get to be the team's compass or road map. Or in modern day terms, the team's GPS system."
  • On Rod Marinelli: "He's made up his mind to move on." Talks about how the team will look to find a new defensive coordinator.
  • "Our players are going to compete on a daily basis on the practice field."
  • "Playing the quarterback position... are you kidding me? It's the most difficult position in all of sports."
  • Met Jay Cutler 10 years ago in Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • Danced around the "Do you think Jay Cutler a franchise quarterback?" question.
  • On Cutler: "We connected immediately. We could've sat there all day and talked football." 
  • "Jay Cutler is a guy who loves football." "Jay Cutler is a guy who is willing to learn. A guy that wants to do everything to help this franchise and please these amazing fans." 
  • You can tell that, like Emery, Trestman really, REALLY has a romantic relationship with football.
  • "I love to coach ball."
  • The Bears will practice everyday like it's the Super Bowl.
  • "We've gotta create a sense of urgency in our building (Halas Hall) on a daily basis."
  • "The No. 1 marriage in all of sports is the marriage between a coach and his quarterback."
  • Trestman confirms that he will be calling the offensive plays. 
  • "I will say that I'm calling plays with the help and cooperation of Aaron (Kromer) and his staff."
  • "The quarterback has gotta protect the ball."
  • "I love calling plays."
  • Needs to catch up NFL personnel; been out of the league for 8 years. 
  • "When I step out of this room, I will begin to study." "I can't wait for that."
  • Trestman says that he watches tape after the season is over of the top teams in the league to try to learn from them: "I take the top teams in the league & I break them down in all 3 phases. I've done it every year." 
  • "Your philosophy is fluid." 
  • "I haven't sized up the offensive line, but I've spent 11 years sizing up Aaron Kromer."
  • Did not comment on if Brian Urlacher will be back with the Bears in 2013.
  • On the staff members: "We've got Joe D (Joe DeCamillis)... you know we've got Aaron (Kromer)." Also, each DeCamillis and Kromer were in attendance watching from the balcony at Halas Hall.
  • On Brandon Marshall: "He's a pretty darn good player."
  • On working with Emery: "I want his input. I don't have all the answers." "Phil's here to educate me and show me the way when it comes to understanding these players so we can have success." 
  • About being on offense: "The only object is to score touchdowns."
  • "We want to be very capable of being a good running team, and we want to be capable of being a very good passing team."
  • On CFL to NFL:  "I'm excited we get four downs now", as opposed to three.
  • Downplayed the CFL to NFL transition. Basically saying that at the end of the day it comes down to the same things. 
  • "I have final say on the coaching staff."
  • "I would expect we have a few guys from the staff (in Canada) come South." So, expect a few staff members from Trestman's Montreal Alouettes staff to join his staff with the Bears.
  • Says Bears center Roberto Garza bought his (Trestman's) book at 2 AM right after he was hired.
  • Didn't rule out a 3-4 defense, but understands the personnel and success this team has had in a 4-3.
  • "We've seen some transitional phases with tight end football in the NFL."
  • More on the tight end position: "It's not who you have, it's being able to force defenses to defend the entire field."
After the press conference, it was revealed by Zach Zaidman that Andy Bischoff, Trestman's top assistant in Montreal, was in attendance at Halas Hall on Thursday. So expect Bischoff to join the staff.

Video of the press conference should be available shortly and I'll post it on here. I found it to be a very impressive press conference, and it's easy to see why Trestman was Emery's guy.

UPDATE: Not finding any full video or even any embeddable video that shows very much. But ChicagoBears.Com has the portion of the press conference where Trestman speaks: Link.

UPDATE #2:  Here's audio of the full press conference, thanks to the Chicago Sun-Times:

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