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Broncos OC Mike McCoy, Bucs OC Mike Sullivan, & Falcons STC Keith Armstrong To Interview For Bears' Head Coaching Position

Bears HC Watch: Cowboys STC Joe DeCamillis To Interview; Bears Ask Permission To Interview Packers OC Tom Clements

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The Complete Chicago Bears 2012 Year In Review- Boomer of Bear Goggles On with a timeline of the top Bears stories in 2012. (Bear Goggles On)

Bears GM Phil Emery Press Conference Highlights (With Full Audio)- (Windy City Gridiron)

On Emery's Press Conference: Rapid Fire Recap- Jeff Hughes recaps some of the main points (and things to take away) from Emery's press conference. Definitely check this out. (Da Bears Blog)

Reviewing Phil Emery's Lovie Smith Press Conference- Boomer with a great review of Emery's press conference:

"Some buzzwords that stood out for me in the press conference were consistency, championships, excellence and synergy. No matter the business – be it a football team or a lemonade stand, those are the same buzzwords you’d likely hear. It shows me that the Bears are being treated as a business and not just the McCaskey kids’ play toy.

Make no mistake about it, Phil Emery is sitting at the big boy table. He’s not sitting at the kids table waiting for Phillips or George McCaskey to bring him a plate. Emery is in charge of this decision and has a clear direction and a clearly defined process. He’s been diligent and is going at this with a sense of urgency. I like what I’ve seen so far." (Bear Goggles On)

In Emery We Trust- David Haugh reacts to Phil Emery's press conference:

"Phil Emery will hire the right head coach for the Bears. In a thoughtful 54-minute session with reporters, Emery used refreshing honesty and rare transparency to instill the kind of confidence in a job search we are not used to seeing at 1920 Football Drive in Lake Forest."

"Goodbye, ambiguity. Hello, assertiveness. At long last, the Bears projected the image of an NFL franchise that knows what it wants and, of more importance, how to get it. The presence of Emery's Super Bowl plan was apparent; the purpose in his voice obvious." (Chicago Tribune)

Bears In Good Hands With Emery Calling The Shots- Northwest Herald's Tom Musick reacts to the Emery presser:

"Emery was explaining that Bears rookie defensive end Shea McClellin and New England Patriots rookie defensive end Chandler Jones graded out almost identically as pass rushers this season, even though McClellin had 2½ sacks and Jones had six.

Off the top of his head, Emery reeled off something called a disruption rate.

McClellin’s was 3.97. Jones’ was 4.10.

'I mean, the difference is only 0.13,' Emery said with a chuckle as he waited for a reaction.

I smiled and nodded. I had no idea what he was talking about.

I do know that Emery is the right person to hire the Bears’ next head coach." (Northwest Herald)

Emery's Presser Falls Nothing Short Of Impressive- Former Bears quarterback Jim Miller was extremely impressed with Emery's press conference. (CSN Chicago)

In Coaching Search, Emery Has Money, Power- (Chicago Sun-Times)

Emery Provides Tremendous Insight Into His O-Line Decisions- My favorite part of Emery's press conference was the great length (with very specific detail) on what went into the Bears' offensive line decisions last offseason, and how it didn't result in success on the field.

Emery even referenced advanced statistics sites such as the terrific Pro Football Focus and Stats Inc., saying how he frequently uses their data to assess players (and in this instance, the offensive line performance). VERY nice to know, but hardly a surprise given how detailed Emery is in his research.

Here's an excerpt, courtesy of the Chicago Sun-Times' Sean Jensen, of Emery talking about such data in the press conference:

"Yes we're going to pay attention to our internal scouting grades. But let's look at this another way. I went to STATS Inc., went through all the numbers. Went to Pro Football Focus, did all the numbers. I'm familiar with STATS Inc. We're one of their contracted teams. Spent quite a bit of time with their people, not only their programmers but went to their offices, watched how they grade tape, how they triple check all their facts. So I trust all their data, that's it's unbiased, that it doesn't have my hands in it, that it doesn't have our coach's or scout's hands in it, or anybody else in the league. They are simply reporting fact. Some ways to look at it is in a very Money Ball way, crunching the numbers."

Make sure to give that whole article a read. (Chicago Sun-Times)

Bears' Hiring Process Likely To Go Deep Into Playoffs- John "Moon" Mullin on the Bears' coaching search, and he writes about a candidate that the Bears are currently not known to have an interview scheduled with: Houston Texans offensive coordinator Rick Dennison:

"But here’s the intriguing deal with Dennison: He may have arguably the best resume of any candidate under consideration.

He was Jay Cutler’s offensive coordinator in Denver when Cutler was having his one Pro Bowl season. That was under Mike Shanahan and with Jeremy Bates as quarterbacks/receivers coach, so Cutler was raised by committee.

More to the overall, Dennison was a linebacker with the Broncos for eight seasons. Then he was the Broncos’ special-teams coach, offensive line coach and coordinator before joining former teammate Gary Kubiak’s staff in Houston.

If you’re keeping score, that would be experience in all three on-field phases of football. And given the development of Matt Schaub along with the 2011 scramble with Matt Leinart and T.J. Yates after Schaub was injured, Dennison is nothing if not an adapter." (CSN Chicago)

Emery Cites Need For Tight End Upgrade- Certainly good to hear. (Chicago Tribune)

What About Jon Gruden?- Dane Noble examines Jon Gruden as a potential Bears head coaching candidate. (Windy City Gridiron)

Tom Clements 'Flattered' By Bears' Interest-  (ESPN Chicago)

Peyton Manning Says Mike McCoy 'Ready' To Be A Head Coach- Mike McCoy gets a very nice endorsement from the Broncos' superstar quarterback. (USA Today)

Chip Kelly Not Looking For Total Control- This is very big news. It's been assumed Kelly would want some personnel, front-office power, but if he doesn't, this may make him a much more attractive candidate to teams. Say, the Bears? We'll have to wait and see if he gets an interview. (Ian Rapoport on Twitter)

Bears Sign DE Cheta Ozougwu To Reserve/Future Contract- Minor move, but one I like. Cheta showed some promise in the preseason (and reportedly impressed in practices) and is worth keeping around to evaluate. (Chicago Tribune)

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