So many great plays to choose from in the Bears' 51-20 shellacking of the Titans in Tennessee on Sunday, but easily my favorite play from the game was the pick-six from #54, Mr. Brian Urlacher.

The 34-year-old Urlacher isn't the same guy athletically of years past, after undergoing multiple knee surgeries in the offseason. And on the pick-six, he indeed looked much slower than the guy we're accustomed to seeing.

However, the play (and his game today overall) also showed how Urlacher's instincts are good as anybody's in the league, and he can still make impactful plays while playing at probably 75% of where he was at physically last year. He's still the "quarterback" of this Bears defense, and in this special season they're having, it was great to see the future Hall of Fame middle linebacker join in on the defensive touchdown fun.

Here's video of the play:

Oh, and he's rocking a Movember 'stache:

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