The NFL's 2012 preseason matchups were announced today, with exact details of the games' dates/times/television broadcasts still to come.

What we do know, is that the Bears will host the Denver Broncos sometime between August 9 - August 12, and the Washington Redskins sometime between August 16 -August 19. They will then go on the road to face the New York Giants on August 24 for a nationally televised game, and finish up the preseason August 30 at the Cleveland Browns.

So, to summarize:

Bears vs. Broncos (August 9- August 12, probably nationally televised because of Peyton Manning)

Bears vs. Redskins (August 16- August 19)

Bears vs. Giants (August 24, nationally televised for sure)

Bears vs. Browns (August 30)

Really, it's hard to imagine a more exciting preseason (well, as exciting as preseason can get, anyway) scenario for Bears fans.

The first game will be Peyton Manning's first game in a Broncos uniform, so that one will of course have plenty of attention from across the country. It will also feature the first game of former Broncos teammates Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall playing together in Bears uniforms. Oh, and it also features Caleb Hanie's return to Chicago!

The second game against the Redskins will feature the exciting Robert Griffin III, assuming that the Colts select Andrew Luck with the first overall pick. And in more former Bears quarterbacks returning to Chicago news, Rex Grossman is on the Redskins.

The third game will be on national television, at the defending champion New York Giants. And the third game is usually the one that is played the most like a real NFL game, with the starters playing into the second half. So, this will be a fun game featuring two of the NFC's better teams on paper.

And the fourth game against the Browns, with it being the 9th year in a row these teams will have faced each other to close out the preseason. So that's interesting... I guess.

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