I'm not sitting here trying to make excuses, as even if this touchdown counted, the Bears would've had to recover an onside kick, and then get into field goal range in 51 seconds with no timeouts left. It's quite unlikely that they would've tied the game, but still, it's possible.

Anyway, the holding penalty was called on Bears defensive back Corey Graham(#21), who is an elite special teamer that rarely screws up.

The only possible place where a flag could be thrown from everything I've seen takes place in the first three seconds of the above video, on the left side. You can see Graham touching the shoulder of the Packers' gunner, but it's really difficult to see if there's anything there that would warrant a holding penalty.

Twitter user @cfaris09(give him a follow) sent me a screencap of it:

Maybe he pulled the Packers player down a little bit there(it's difficult to tell), but if it's just based on that little shoulder touch that we can see, it's quite a ticky-tacky call(especially with a minute to go in the game).

Whatever the case, it's a shame that such a brilliant playcall from the Bears' terrific special teams coach, Dave Toub, was ruined over this.

H/T: Black Sports Online

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